Managed Services

Managed Services offers relief to firms and corporations burdened with escalating ediscovery costs --- from people to software and hardware. Our years of operational savvy and ediscovery expertise eases the concerns associated with outsourcing these functions.

Our program was designed to have flexibility, fitting firms of all sizes and a variety of needs. Technology, services, methodologies, and annual usage discussions help us understand what you need in order to come up with a fair, monthly fee. Managed Services programs typically fall within one of three customizable categories:

technology bundle


EQD provides hardware, software, security and ongoing maintenance while the firm's in-house ediscovery professionals are able to manage the process and complete all projects.

integrated resources


The firm's ediscovery resources dynamically scale according to changing needs. The firm benefits from working with EQD as an integrated part of the team, following established procedures as well as communication protocols.

dedicated outsourced services


EQD is responsible for the entirety of the ediscovery process, serving as a fully-outsourced litigation support group for the firm.

To learn if Managed Services is right for you, request our set of starter questions.