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Electronic Discovery

As the size of electronically stored information continues to escalate at an astounding rate so does electronic evidence discovery. Ediscovery software capabilities that recover, search, and cull data have progressed to directly offset the growing masses of structured and unstructured data. As a result, more advanced functionality like technology assisted review has gained increasing interest.

Pinpointing the most critical information is less overwhelming today. But be aware, some developers claim their solution is simple. They rarely are. Advanced capabilities still require forethought, planning, and experienced individuals alongside the right discovery software. New technical capabilities produce better results, but finding the right tool with the right partner leads to extraordinary things. EQD provides both.

Ediscovery Services



EQD's savvy team of technical experts can assist with individual components of your ediscovery project or provide a single, turnkey solution.



Ediscovery Software



To accommodate the needs of an expansive and diverse customer base, EQD provides several leading technology solutions.




Ediscovery methodologies, requirements and software proficiencies differ from one case to the next. Select the ediscovery solution that best fits your firm, your client, or your project.






Xera iConnect


EQD offers our own proprietary solution, needlefinder, along with other prominent solutions, Relativity since 2009 and iConect since 2005, in support of businesses that have these applications in house. We are able to emulate client processes as a turnkey project or provide select services that integrate with client teams.



In addition, EQD's top-tier IT infrastructure is supported by top-tier professionals, processes and security measures to deliver a trusted and robust hosting environment for all software.

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