Data Collection

Data Collection

Data preservation, collection and safekeeping for pending and ongoing investigations and litigation are essential. EQD's trained professionals can help you select the right data collection option or coordinate the secure handling and delivery of your electronic evidence on your behalf.

data preservation

Our online legal hold software notifies all potential parties of pending litigation alongside any requirements. Users employ a single tool to automate, generate, and track legal hold notifications and responses. Recipient confirmations, single-click escalations, centralized processing, custodian questionnaires, data profiling and helpful reporting are powerful features that adhere to a defensible process.


PreservationFor the highest assurances, onsite collections provide traditional bit-by-bit forensic imaging of media by a team of computer forensic professionals. Electronically stored information is gathered from any number of sources including fixed storage, such as desktops and servers; portable storage, like laptops, external hard drives, phones and tablets; as well as, third party hosted environments, comprised of web-based portals and offsite servers.


CollectionAll sources are imaged, and those images are hashed and verified to ensure a true bit-for-bit copy of the original media. Chain of custody procedures, security, and tracking of the computer evidence and the privacy of individuals is sustained throughout the process. Forensic images are stored on encrypted drives for added protection. Additionally, evidence is tightly controlled to limited personnel following strict processes.


Remote Assisted Collection KitsAlternatively, companies are able to enjoy added conveniences and cost savings by facilitating their own collections. Remote Assisted Collection Kits (RACKs) are sent to persons across the U.S. so they can capture forensic images of systems and external hard drives. The do-it-yourself kits contain an external hard drive, a bootable CD, a set of simple instructions, and a return shipping label.


OnlineThe fastest and most economical solution is a web-based collections tool that can be deployed quickly, creating forensic copies of data from hard drives, enterprise sources and social media through the use of local administrators or custodians. Collections are made via a web-based tool that allows localized and network gathering of pertinent information, giving individual users the resources to identify and collect relevant files, or IT professionals with administrative access the ability to pull select or untargeted data collections from the systems of custodians.

Data Security


In addition to bar codes, tracking systems and other privacy assurances for collected material, we store and safeguard all data in a secure vault where it will remain until returned to the client or project completion. Access privileges to client data is limited. Physical security includes multilayered access control systems using a combination of access cards, biometrics and digital CCTV security video surveillance systems with over 48 cameras and video retention of at least six months.